SE - 2000

A power unit having a very comprehensive range of low voltage AC OR DC output setting enabling black oxide or produces uniform and accurate marks on a production basis Electrolyte, cleanser.

For ferrous and non-ferrous metals and stencil papers.

For larger production runs a permanent stencil can besupplied to suit individual customer requirements. These
are available on special order.

Specification : Output AC or DC input 220 V 50 Hz AC
Dimensions : (450 * 310 * 260 mm) Wt – 12 kgs.



CME – Small Hand Marker with Contact Plate
50 mm long
25 mm Height
CMF – Large Hand Marker with Contact Plate
62 mm
38 mm Height
CMU – Round Hand Marker
Hand Marker Large
to Mark round / Curved surfaces
SE – 3 Electrolyte (1/2 Itr.)
Electrolyte (5 Itr. Can)
Cleaner (5 Itr. Can)
Felt for CME
Felt for CMF
Blue Stencil Paper (62mm x 175) 10 Nos.