SE - 900

This unit is ideal for the Convenience of operations, who desire to use etching equipment in more than one place. Supplied in operator to connect it to the appropriate power supply to enable him to proceed etching.

Electrolytes are included , with stencil paper for producing in house stencils, together with a small hand marker, contact plate, and instruction manual. Stencil can be prepared using a typewriter or die stamps when low volume marking is required.

Specification : Output AC Input 220V 50 Hz AC
Dimensions : (210 * 170 * 140 mm) Wt - 3Kgs.



CME – Small Hand Marker with Contact Plate
50mm long
25mm Height
CMF – Large Hand Marker with
Contact Plate
62 mm Long
38 mm Height
CMU – Round Hand Marker
Hand Marker Large
To Mark round / Curved surfaces
SE – 3 Electrolyte (½ Itr.)
Electrolyte (5 Itr. can)
Cleaner ( ½ Itr.)