Ajax® Electric Marking M/C

The Ajax Electric Pencil has been perfected by years of constant research and is one of the finest instruments of its kind.

The Ajax Electric Pencil is ideal for use in various industries, which require rapid accurate and indelible marking on components. It will virtually mark all metals that are conductive, irrespective of them being hard of soft. Since the etching is by simple writing, components need not be stamped for such markings as inspection codes, sizes or part numbers. The distinct advantage of the Ajax Electric Pencil is that one can etch whenever one needs, a character, sign or symbol without the use of special tooling, punches or die stamps.

The Ajax Electric Pencil writes with a degree of smoothness that allows the metal to be evenly etched over the entire writing area. Operated from a separate transformer unit with variable settings, etchings of depth from light to heavy are possible.

Ajax Transformers are manufactured according to Factory Regulations and are engineered to be as light as possible. The power input voltage is 200/240 volts; AC 50Hz. Current consumption is negligible. The transformer absorbs 4 to 6 watts continuously and about 20 to 40 watts when the pencil is in operation There is no possibility of electric shock and the actual arc is mild so as not affect the eyes.

Ajax Needles are made of special heat - resistant alloy and retain their sharpness for a long period. When the point becomes blunt, it may be readily sharpened with a fine abrasive wheel. For best results, use only Ajax Needles with the electric pencil.



The Ajax Electric Pencil may be operated from an accumulator or a battery, not exceeding 8 volts. For battery operation, the electric pencil is supplied without a transformer or battery.



  • The Ajax Pencil is crafted from quality material, and is specially protected to ensure high-grade performance.
  • The Ajax Pencil is designed to be used as a penholder and is well balanced for comfortable operation.
  • The Ajax Pencil is shockproof and can be easily used even by an unskilled operator.
  • The Ajax Pencil writes evenly and smoothly, giving a clear, black impression regardless of the hardness or softness of the metal. A variable current output provides for six different degrees of writing enable efficient etching on any metal.
  • Every Ajax Pencil is carefully adjusted to close tolerances, and factory sealed – your GUARANTEE for reliability.



  • DO NOT connect the transformer to a Direct Current circuit. When using a battery, do not use more than 8 volts.
  • When changing the needle, hold spring gently against magnet rod.
  • The Ajax Pencil is a precision instrument and must be treated with care. DO NOT bend magnet rod, spring or break seal.



  • Transformer 200/240 volts AC 50 Hz.
  • Ajax Electric Pencil with connecting lead.
  • Contact Plate with lead.
  • Ajax heat-resistant alloy needles (3UNITS). AJAX ELECTRIC PENCIL (For battery operation)
  • Ajax Electric Pencil with connecting lead.
  • Contact Plate with connecting lead.
  • Ajax heat-resistant alloy needles (3UNITS).
  • No battery supplied. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS
  • Net Weight of Pencil - 150gms.
  • Gross Weight of Pencil - 220gms.
  • Net Weight of Complete Unit - 2.50kg.
  • Gross Weight o Complete Unit - 3.50kG